Civil Rights- Gender Discrimination

Have I ever mentioned how much I love podcasts?

This is a quick assignment that can be assigned for homework {I give my student more than a few days} and discussed in class using the questions below.

This fits TOPIC 3.10 Social Movements and Equal Protection. In the Illustrative Examples is Reed v. Reed, which is discussed in this podcast.

Podcast: Sex Appeal: “Equal protection of the laws” was granted to all persons by the 14th Amendment in 1868. But for nearly a century after that, women had a hard time convincing the courts that they should be allowed to be jurors, lawyers, and bartenders, just the same as men. A then-lawyer at the ACLU named Ruth Bader Ginsburg set out to convince an all-male Supreme Court to take sex discrimination seriously with an unconventional strategy. She didn’t just bring cases where women were the victims of discrimination; she also brought cases where men were the victims. In this episode, we look at how a key battle for gender equality was won with frat boys and beer.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Mitch Boyer )

This can be turned into a writing assignment or a class discussion. We are doing this before we start our final exam so we can tie it in. 

1. Discuss the discrimination that took place in Oklahoma and how this fits into the 14th amendment.
2. Explain Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s role in Craig v. Boren.
3. Trace the ERA and why it failed to pass according to the podcast. {Find a current news article on states that are attempting to pass it now}
4. Discuss the difference between strict scrutiny and intermediate scrutiny.
5. Summarize your opinion on this case and how it has affected society since it was argued.

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