Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Week Three: Congress and Impeachment

Week 3, Days 10-13

What was covered this week:

Day 10- How the Senate Impeachment Trial Will Work and a discussion on the process. It’s so weird that my senior year of high school was when the Clinton impeachment and now I’m teaching it to seniors.

Days 11/12 (Block Day) Congress Lecture and Budget Reader.

Day 13- Vocabulary Quiz and the Redistricting Game (It was really fun to listen to them play this game!)

Outside the classroom work: I gave a menu of options for this week

Choose ONE of the following to complete:

1. Listen to ONE of the following podcasts:

Congress and Citizens– 40 minutes
Senate and the States- 46 minutes
The Political Thicket (Baker v. Carr) 42 minute

2. Write a 400-word response that includes any relevant solutions you have to the problems that are discussed. Please CITE parts of the podcast/article or you will lose half the points.


Write an argumentative essay on impeachment and the Founders. Please keep your essay on the factual information using the provided pieces of evidence to help you. (Article II of Constitution- linked below) Use the AP Government argumentative essay rubric to guide your writing. In this assignment, you must create your own thesis without a prompt.

**It would be beneficial in this to look at the impeachments of Johnson and Clinton in addition to President Trump.

Overall reflection: I used to spend so long on Congress because I felt like I had to. It was nice to be able to teach them some background and then have them apply in our lecture or in conversations about impeachment.

Days Left Until the AP Test: 56 class days

Current Mood: I feel like by focusing on what I need to teach, it has opened the door for me to bring in more current events because I know that I am doing what I need to. I’ve been trying to use the CED as my guide and focusing on the skills needed. I’m a bit worried about next week, as I am out for two days to coach at a National Board Retreat here in Arizona.


Questions: Please see the FAQ section of the page

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