Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester: Week Four, Impeachment, and an absence

Week 4, Days 14-18

What was covered this week:

Day 14- Quantitative Analysis FRQ review as a class as a warm-up (My students struggled and we will be looking at this more) As an activity, students made flow charts or cartoons about how the legislative process using the Library of Congress as their resource.

Days 15- Federalist 70 (MyAP reading) and a Google classroom discussion. I read Federalist 70 to them because I had an annotated copy from a PD I went to.

Using the information from Federalist 70, discuss a president that shifted the power of the executive and how Hamilton would have supported that. Use quotes from Federalist 70 in your paragraph response.

When completed, respond to 2 classmates in complete thoughts. Do not simply say you agree and restate their response. Ask questions, engage!

Day 16/17- (Block Day) Students completed a NearPod. I was absent and did not want to burn any time.

We did discuss the impeachment each day as it related to the class. 

Outside the classroom work: Students completed an Albert.io on the Presidency so I could see how well the Nearpod sunk in.

Overall reflection: I really liked using the Nearpod in my absence. It allowed me to still give them information and check their understanding throughout. I’m pretty happy with how this week went, and I will definitely have to go over the allotted time for this Unit, but I’m ok with that.

Days Left Until the AP Test: 51 class days

Current Mood: Feeling like I’ve hit a groove… and then the week of the Iowa Caucus, the State of the Union, and the end of the impeachment trial.


Questions: Please see the FAQ section of the page

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