Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester: Week 7 The Judiciary

Week 7, Days 29-32

What was covered this week:

I’m not going to lie, this is hard. I’m juggling too much.

Outside the classroom work: Another Albert.io. We are drained. We’ve hit the 3rd quarter slump.

Overall reflection: Look. I’m exhausted. This week, I have the Participatory Budget Vote  (PBV) AND I’m being filmed as a teacher spotlight AND I’m out for a day for an event. I cried after a meeting on Tuesday about the aforementioned PBV because it feels like everything is being thrown at me. I am grateful for all the experiences, but sweet Jesus can we have some time. As much as a two-week break stresses me out because I am missing time before the AP test, I think I need it and my students need it.

Days Left Until the AP Test: 38 class days

Current Mood: I completely changed what I’m teaching this week because I refuse to cram Civil Rights/Civil Liberties in 8 days. We are going to do a practice test this week to give me a clear view of what I need to focus on after we come back from break.

Questions: Please see the FAQ section of the page

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