Polling Two Pager

It is close to the end of the third quarter for us. Kids are exhausted.

We just finished up our Participatory Budgeting project, which was amazing. We got 84% of our school to vote on the initiatives and the margin was only 20 votes. This is something our district is sponsoring. It took a whole day out of AP Government, but it was everything we are learning in action.

Students needed a day to just draw, read, and work at their own pace. We’ve done one-pagers before, but I knew the information here would need more than that. Enter the two-pager. It’s not anything new, just a response to feedback from my students that one-pagers aren’t enough sometimes.

Directions- This exercise is simply a response to the reading/videos that help you organize information and clarify your understanding of the key ideas presented in the reading and videos below. These were chosen in accordance with the CED. 


Public Opinion

Reading for One Pager

Why the 2016 Election Polls Missed Their Mark

Each two-pager must be done on a separate sheet of paper, please use both sides.  

Include the following information: 

Title and Your Name

Main Ideas: Write the main ideas that emerged from each (4 total) of the readings/videos.  These must be written in complete sentences but can be brief.  Be sure that these are ideas, not simply facts.   Below each main idea, list two to three examples that are connected to/related to the main idea.  These will generally be single words or short phrases. Include key vocabulary:

  • Opinion poll
  • Benchmark poll
  • Entrance poll
  • Exit poll


Visual Image: Select two-three visual images from the reading that enhanced your understanding of the material—describe it and explain why/how it helped your thought process and understanding, as well as how the image would be helpful to political scientists. If you cannot choose from your reading, you can use Pew Research to find some pretty sweet polls. 

Summarize:  You will write a concise, clear, and complete response to the question: Explain how public opinion is measured through scientific polling, and the results of public opinion polls influence public policies and institutions.    


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