Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Week Nine Practice Exams and SPRING BREAK!

Week 9, Days 38-42

What was covered this week: 

Day 38: Lecture on political socialization.

Here is the slideshow I used. If you are interested in more, I wrote about argumentative essays as well as how to write a thesis.

Outside the classroom work: No homework this week or over the break. I am a firm believer in breaks. I wrote about it here.

Overall reflection: I am very happy to have a two-week break and really consider what I need to do when we return. I’ll be fighting 5 late starts (which shrink class times).

Days Left Until the AP Test: 28 class days, with 5 late starts and my absences for 3 of them. I have two more units to teach and want to spend the last week reviewing content and writing.

Current Mood: I mean, it’s Spring Break…


Questions: Please see the FAQ section of the page

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