Extended School Absences/Closures

We are in unprecedented times. It’s uncertain. And many are wondering what we are going to do for the AP test.

As someone who has a chronic illness, I think about MY extended absences a lot, and have safeguards built-in for days I need to be gone. We have one more week of our scheduled spring break and the state of Arizona has closed schools a week after that.

It’s all very overwhelming, scary, and amazing.



Excuse me?

Yep. Amazing. Facebook and Twitter are ablaze with teachers helping other teachers and sharing resources.

This morning, I looked at Facebook and teachers were reaching out to parents to offer help in their specialty areas.

Look for the helpers.

Here are a few of the plethora of help that you can find:

  • Melissa Seideman has created an Instagram page for review. Have your students give her a follow!
  • Jen Hitchcock has videos for the writing piece of the AP exam which I love because not only is she a fantastic resource, she’s also an AP Reader!
  • iCivics has Study Edge FOR FREE. Also this organization is amazing to be a part of. They also have free games for your students to play… which could be an amazing idea for stressful and uncertain times. I love to see who can beat my score in Win The White House!
  • Albert.io is offering extended pilots. They have 3 practice exams for your students including FRQs.
  • The Bill of Rights Institute
  • Street Law- I am developing a final exam (maybe a virtual one) using the June Medical Services case. More to come on that, but Street Law also has all of the required cases as readings.

Podcasts are also amazing. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite podcasts because some students will be without a textbook.

I hope you also take advantage of the resources on this very blog! Many of the lessons can be tweaked to fit an online setting. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out!


The most important thing is to breathe. We don’t know what the College Board is going to do. A lot of things are still up in the air. Some don’t have the resources and you don’t need all the answers right now.  We are all in this together and there are many people who can help!



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