Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Week 3 of Remote Teaching, Defendant’s Rights and Privacy

Another week of remote learning down and I’m starting to realize that I need to slow down and not try to do everything at once. There are a lot of great resources out there, but don’t drown in the pool of information.

Here is our week as posted in our Google Classroom :

Here is the schedule for this week for AP Government and Politics: 

This week’s learning objectives and goals: 

  • Protections of the Bill of Rights have been selectively incorporated by way of the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause to prevent state infringement of basic liberties
    • Explain the extent to which states are limited by the due process clause from infringing upon individual rights.

This week-

Cool Webinars that are FREE!

April 15 & 16: Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure


April 17: AP Court Cases with Jeffrey Rosen at 10am PST

Join here: Webinar Registration

On Google Classroom this week:



Podcasts, webinars, the AP Review that Jenifer Hitchcock is doing are all wonderful ways to connect content.

Concerned about teaching Roe v. Wade? Check this post out!

Getting ready for the test?

For my classes (I have about 100 students taking the test), we have a separate Google Classroom just for the test takers. They are following along with the AP Review, and we are spending time in small groups reviewing what they need as well as me live streaming review of the rubrics, looking at example writing, and practicing.
This week we will look at the thesis statement and how to get the point. For me, it’s great review to take the rubric piece by piece. We become experts, and with the thesis point being so important, we are going to really focus on that.
Need writing help?
Thesis writing (yes, I know they don’t need a counter but it doesn’t hurt them)

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