Teaching AP Government Resource Round Up

Last year, around this time, I was looking at my calendar for Spring 2020 and knew I needed a solid plan because my semester was short (to the test), and I needed to make the best of my time. Add in the usual college visits, random Arizona illnesses, and other things my days would have to be to the point. I did not use a textbook and created a plan for the semester. In March, I was sure glad I did because we never ended up back at school, and I had spent so much time working on skills that all I had to do was focus on Unit 3 (because I saved it for last). Today, I was thinking about how I could make this process streamlined for my fellow AP Government teachers who are carrying the world’s weight, and I decided to round up my favorite resources from this past year and some of my most viewed posts.

Note: I am not a textbook user, I don’t assign vocabulary to define, and multiple choice practice was only via Albert.io. Assessments were Socratic discussion or writing… hard to cheat at either. (Here is a list of DBQ’s for each Unit that can be used for writing. It’s fairly easy to turn them into argumentative writing or even a shorter concept analysis. Plus, I’ve listed the required documents in each.)

Teaching Online: A Sample Schedule

Unit One

Unit One Guide

Unit One: Federalist and AntiFederalist podcast assignment

Unit Two

Unit Two: Congress Guide

Unit Two: Presidency Guide

Unit Two: Bureaucratic Speed Dating (and other lessons)

Unit Two: The Judiciary, Federalist 78, and an argumentative essay

Unit Three

Unit Three Guide

Unit Three: Gender Discrimination Podcast assignment

Unit Four

Unit Four: Citizens United DBQ and Socratic

Unit Five

Unit Five Guide


Argumentative Writing : Thesis

Quantitative Analysis

Rethinking Writing Assignments in a Virtual World


Socratic Discussion in a Virtual World

Final Exam Considerations

I hope you find this helpful as you plan your semester or year!

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