The Story Behind the Podcast & It’s Name

I am an avid podcast listener and used them quite often in my classroom. I’ve always wanted to do my own, and I finally decided it was time after being a guest on so many. After reading the Cult of Pedagogy’s post and asking questions of my professional learning network (PLN), I dove right in.

The best part? It didn’t feel like work! It was super fun! I don’t have anything fancy in terms of equipment. The hardest part for me? Giving my new creative outlet a name…

The Story Behind the Name

The blog was easy. It was literally about teaching AP Government because I taught and was very passionate about speaking to the subject. However, I have so much experience in social studies in general, and I know so many cool people that I wanted to make sure the title covered the gamut.

Teaching History and Politics? I felt like that wasn’t enough. What if I went off subject on the podcast, much as I did in the classroom. What if my guests did?

My grandmother is a great storyteller, and I feel like she never completes them because there is always so much to tell in a story. She usually ends her statements in “…and stuff” because she’s still thinking. I feel it’s the same as I tell stories and even how I process and think. It never ends! Sometimes, I’d be talking about the Constitutional Convention and then launch into the story about how salacious Gouverneur Morris was and the gross way he died. (It’s like an episode of the Real Fathers of the Founding, a make-believe Bravo! show I think needs to be developed…) History can be way more entertaining than fake reality shows. See? Already off track.

This was fitting because learning never ends. There’s never a definitive end to historical stories, to political interpretation, and to how we teach them. It’s all ever evolving!

I hope you enjoy the stories, laughs, and wisdom that guest will share and all the other “stuff”.

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