Learning Civics and Government as an Adult

Learning about civics and government is overwhelming as an adult. Civic education has evolved over time and as adults, some may feel cheated. The good news is it’s never too late to learn!


Straight up, just start with the National Constitution Center for podcasts, readings, and their Interactive Constitution. It’s charted by Congress and to me, gives the best non partisan information. Start with listening to their podcast each week (I totally do and learn so much). A current question is posed and two scholars go back and forth discussing information that shows both sides. The latest, Can a Former President Be Tried for Impeachment?, was eye opening and gave me solid information. Here are some other podcasts I love. (It’s an older post, and I clearly need to make a new one)I’d like to add Civics101. I used them in the classroom and love the short episodes!


Books to start reading post here, but I’d also add HOW to read the Constitution and WHY by Kim Wehle.

Online Learning

You Tube has some great stuff, but be careful. Bias exists naturally because we creators choose what they discuss and what they don’t. Being aware is the most important thing.

Bill of Rights Institute (I can personally attest to these because I help make them and I know the people who make them)- scholar talks, homework help videos, it’s all there!

Gilder Lehrman– I used a LOT of their online videos. They even have APUSH videos, so if you want to really dig in, start there!

National Constitution Center– they have great scholar exchanges and educational videos to help!

The important thing, is you just start! The more you know, the better off you are and our country is.

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