Hitting Pause and adjusting

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We have hit a time of the year where everything seems to be happening. Preparation for AP testing, finals, graduation, and plans for summer work. It can be a lot to handle. Here is a tip to help you when the tornado of stuff happens.

This process takes about five weeks. This is to not add a bunch to your plate and stress you out even more! I am guilty of wanting to make changes immediately, which isn’t always great.

Recently, I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated. I was not making rational decisions, and I couldn’t sleep. The stress was leaking out to my personal life, and that is when I was done.

You are being presented with two choices: evolve or repeat

This can be done at any point in the year or in a longer time frame. Whatever works best for you! I’ll be posting for the next five weeks to show you the process of monitoring and adjusting.

Week One- Pause

This is so important. We often want to jump into making changes, but the pause is where we see the issues a bit more clearly. I wrote things in my journal and blocked out time in my calendar.

For this week, my purposeful pauses were the following:

  • Meditating as many times a day as I needed a deep breath. Sometimes it’s just taking a few deep breaths.
  • Writing in my personal journal but also in my work journal. I keep a work journal to help me see the bigger picture and reflect on what I’ve done well and what I can improve on. It’s beneficial when it’s time for reviews.
  • Walks- the other day, I left my office and walked for 10 minutes. I have no plan, just to get outside. I don’t have my phone or any music. It’s a time for silence and purposeful movement. Or, if I’m home, I’ll walk down the mailbox.
  • Eating lunch outside is beautiful here in Arizona, so getting out of my desk space to eat outside, whether in the shade or sun, is a way to pause in the middle of my day.
  • Laying in my hammock- this, for me, is something that makes me happy. Sometimes I read; sometimes, I just stare into oblivion. It’s a pause, gets me outside, and is genuinely my happy place.

Pausing this week also means taking a beat before communicating. It means having sentence stems when I’m asked to do something.

Can I take a pause and get back to you?

This helps me really understand where I am at capacity-wise and if taking on a task or project is doable or if it’s just being a people pleaser. It also allows me to look forward and make sure there is space.

Small steps add up. Taking a pause and making it intentional can free up space. It’s also lovely to add times to take breaks instead of adding times to do things.

Lastly, plan for this week. Plan a week where you can take a pause. Make sure you can take things off your plate. Set yourself up for success.

Enjoy the pause.

One thought on “Hitting Pause and adjusting

  1. I really needed this. We are on our Spring Break right now and I’m in the midst of a pause—and my mind, body, and soul desperately need it. I’ve never journaled my personal stuff, much less my work stuff, but after reading what you wrote, I think I’ve done it my mind (you know, the place where things can be forgotten or overshadowed). Maybe a physical/digital journal for home and work would be beneficial?! As always, thanks for your insight. I hope you are doing well.

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