Making Changes

Be too busy working on your own grass to notice if anyone else’s is greener.

Catch up on weeks one and two!

Making change is a personal and often difficult thing. It’s scary! However, in the spirit of my experiment, I’m doing it.

One of the most significant changes I’m making this week is limiting my phone time. I’m instilling a Tech-Free 90. That means no screen at all. This gives me time to feel like I don’t have to be available for emails, texts, or social media.

My actual focus is making value-added changes, so it must matter whether that is starting to do things or not doing something. I refuse to force any change because I know I don’t stick with it if it’s forced. I’ve made some huge life changes in the last six months that have greatly benefited me but the key to those changes as I was ready to dive in. I didn’t dread it. I was ready to face change head-on. This is absolutely key. If you read this or create your own list that doesn’t really get you excited, don’t do it. Now, if it scares you but also excites you? Good news, it’s the same thing but a different outlook.

Reconsider anxiety as excitement. There are many articles that cover this.

*Note: this means the passing feeling, not the very real disorder. There is a large difference, and if you feel like your anxiety requires more than relabeling, please see a professional. I am not a medical professional and this is not intended to be perceived as medical or mental health advice. It’s my own experience.

One change I already made is getting a new planner. Five months in, the planner I had wasn’t really doing what I wanted. Usually, I’d stick it out, but I needed something smaller and more to the point.

I have different planners; a journal for work, a daily planner, and a goal planner. That’s what works best for me, and it’s taken me a few years to really hone in on what I wanted.

Questions to consider

  • What is working?
  • What is not working, and what does change look like?
  • Is my daily routine getting me closer to the person I want to be?
  • How am I using my time in the morning and evening when I know I have carved out time?
  • Am I creating spaces at work to focus?
  • What challenges do I face in making these changes?

I will not share all of my changes because they are personal; however, I am sharing some on my Instagram stories.

If you are working on what to change and leaving your current position is part of it, please read this post.

I hope these changes excite you and reinvigorate you!

Change is inevitable; growth is optional.

John C. Maxwell

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