Simple September

If you follow me on Instagram or Linked In, you know I am a fan of bare minimum Fridays. It’s a chance to give myself a break and focus only on a few things to reflect on the week and think about the following week. It also allows me to be present during my weekend, rest, and family time.

I am an avid reader as well. Lately, the theme has been LESS. In doing less, I can be a better employee, member of my household, and person overall. Years of being a teacher and high achiever have burnt me out. I’ve tried many different things, but they all work in the short term.

Hence, simple September. I had named it bare minimum September, but I still have a job, a family, and things that need to get done, so that felt wrong. Simple is what I am striving for. September is also a settled month. The summer rush is over, and we are descending into the fall season, which is my favorite season. It’s all very symbolic. Fall is when trees shed their dead leaves in anticipation of rest and then regrowth.

In anticipation of September, I needed to use some of my August to consider what this looks like and what I need to close up and take off my plate to allow this space to happen.

To clear my plate for September:

  • I took a solid look at what I do monthly. I scaled back on volunteering my time for my sorority. I was clear about what I can do and am not available for, and it will be done by the end of the year. Although I love this position, right now, I cannot dedicate the time needed.
  • I am not taking anything new: learning, programming, or contracting. Even this past week, something came into my inbox that I almost said yes to, but in the end, I was proud of myself for saying, “Not right now.” My work speaks for itself, and more opportunities will come up. I’ve finalized what I have and sent invoices, so it’s tied up nicely.
  • We have two trips in September, and I am excited about both. A wedding and a football game. I want to be present for both weekends; therefore, I’ve blocked out time to ensure I get any critical work done before leaving.
  • I have an important grant deadline at the end of September. Like all of it needs to be done, there is a lot to do right now. I’ve created tasks throughout the rest of this month and next and blocked out my calendar for concentrated work time and time to rest. One of my favorite things that I’ve learned at my last job and this job, as well as with my project management certificate, is task management systems. I’ve used both Monday and ClickUp. I love both, and it’s helped my brain break down what I need to do in a manner that works for me. I even put my book club readings there to help me stay on task and not stress or forget.
  • Speaking of not learning, I am committing myself to read only for pleasure in September. I do love to learn, but my brain needs a break. Follow me on Goodreads!

This is an opportunity for me to focus, rest, and shed any “dead leaves.”

What can you let go of to make your life simpler?

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