November Content Calendar

Welcome to November! This month, I wanted to take on the creative challenge of a content calendar. I searched through Pinterest, but nothing felt good or resonated with me, so I made my own! This is to get me out of this creative funk and write more!

Here’s what to expect this month:

New Blog Post Mondays- Three About Me Posts

Instagram Tuesdays- Unlearning: Books that taught me what I thought was right weren’t precisely so. Follow me on Insta!

Reshare Writing Wednesdays: Argumentative writing has gained thousands of views, and I’ll be resharing my favorites!

Instagram Thursdays– Audiobooks I Love

New Blog Post and Instagram Feel Good Fridays: Sharing the things that make me feel good!

There won’t be any weekend content. One of the things I’ve learned this year is that the brain needs a break and that I love hanging out with my family on the weekends.

Want to follow along? Subscribe to blog posts! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!

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