My Planner spread and how I use it to organize myself

I have been through many different versions of planners throughout my career and life. I am a huge fan of Plum Paper (this post is not sponsored) mostly because I can easily personalize my planner. I also use pads from MiGoals, which I like because keeping work and my personal life separate is helpful.

My Personal Planner Pages


I keep this planner at home and use it to plan out my month. For example, since the holidays are coming up, I wrote about when to shop for gifts and groceries and reminders to buy tickets for a few things we want to do. It allows me to see what the week is going to look like so I can plan workouts, appointments, workouts, etc.

I am also able to write reminders to myself on future dates so I can do things like shop for Thanksgiving or buy presents for my nieces and nephews before their birthdays. This method has proven successful for me after much trial and error.

Work Pages

Some of my stuff is work specific, and I’ve learned that keeping separate planners works for me. We use Click Up at work, so I use Monday for my home tasks. I like having a specific to-do list for work because it allows me to close it down. When you work from home, the lines can blur, so I keep it all in its specific place.

The journal is a 90-day journal that allows me to focus on three goals, which works since my word for 2022 is evolving, and I am explicitly working in three areas. This journal is used for personal and professional writing.

Journal Spread- AM and PM

All in all, I made sure that I would actually use the planner I bought. I have fallen into the comparison trap, and my planner sat with a layer of dust. I also have a morning routine that allows me time to write in both my journal and my planner. I like being able to set myself up to succeed for the day by previewing what needs to be done and then going for a walk to absorb it.

The most important thing is to find a method that works for you. I still use my phone calendar so that we can use a family calendar, but I also love to write things down. Find what works for you!

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