Choosing values to guide my year

Instead of choosing one word for 2023, I am choosing three values to live by. I am doing this because I read a fantastic book this year that helped me understand value trees, and I understood that although I love the one-word year, living by my values may be more helpful.

In my learning this past year, setting goals aligned with my values has been helpful. This aids me in what I do for my family, home, career, community, and health. The plan is to set quarterly goals within my values so that I can shape them depending on the previous quarter.

My three values are simplicity, stability, and joy.

In everything I do in 2023, I will do it with these three values in mind.

Simplicity: making life as simple as possible to enjoy it thoroughly. Everything from meal prep to minimizing our possessions to how we show up. Doing and having less to have more time, space, and energy. Also, having more simplicity lessens decisions that can easily be automated. For example, we eat the same things a lot, so it’s not always necessary to have many ingredients or elaborate meals planned. If we have less, there is less to care for, making what we do more meaningful! This also means not setting numbered goals for myself. Although I read over 100 books this year, I am not setting a goal to read a certain amount of books in 2023; I’m simply going to read. Taking the self-imposed stress off myself.

Stability: building wealth, being stable and consistent in health and wellness, and creating situations that create a stable future for our family. I understand that not everything will be perfect, but creating a sense of stability will allow us to overcome situations that try to destabilize us. Let’s be honest; there are no guarantees in life, and planning will help us alleviate some of that stress. Health-wise, we are very consistent with our workouts because they are stress relievers for my husband and me. We have a home gym that we invested in (with our Peloton bike, tread, and weights) that we have been consistently using for over 2 years.

Joy: we are in a fun life season with the child and our puppy. We have a lot of reasons to be joyful and want to create more joy in our lives. The time is moving quickly as the little one starts junior high soon. I want our home and hearts to be bursting with joy. Even small things like watching movies or baking together create a sense of joy. I always want our home to be a joyful place. If I cannot do something with joy in my heart, I want to rethink that. I get in the habit of doing things because I feel like I am expected to (self-imposed expectations), and then I get resentful or overwhelmed. This coming year, I will be more mindful of how I spend my time and the return on the time investment.

What are your values? What will drive you in 2023?

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