Finding new hobbies

As I progress in age and wisdom, my goals have changed. I have three goals for 90 days at a time that fit within my values for the year. For the current 9o days, one of my goals is to find joy in my hobbies to provide an outlet in times of stress. I’ve spent a few days perusing Pinterest to see what is out there.

Today, Ollie (my golden retriever pup) and I are taking a sick day, and I am spending the day thinking about new hobbies to try. I’m starting a doctoral program in mid-May, and I want to ensure I have creative outlets because I know that decompressing is essential.

For years, my hobbies were tied to my job as an educator. Then I became a mom, and much of what I did was tied to that. I blogged about it, created for it, and enjoyed it. I love that those hobbies brought me so much joy when they did.

Since I’m in a new season of life, I want to try a few new things. Right now, I still love to read, bake, and write. Even this blog has evolved a bit from what it started as. Evolving is fantastic, and I am not the person to ever cringe at who I used to be (now, if you asked me that in my 30s, I would have a different answer, but my 40s have been fabulous, and I am proud of who I am and who I was.)

Hobbies to try over the next 90 days

  • Handlettering- it is something I’ve tried on and off for years. I am drawn to how beautiful it is and the concentration needed. My plan is to use what I already have to learn.
  • Prompted journaling- I journal daily, but it’s usually my thoughts or what we did that day. I feel like I might be able to be more creative if I have prompts to write with.
  • Cooking- trying new recipes. It’s fun to try new things. I love cooking and baking but get stuck in the same old things. I have yet to be disappointed when we try something new. Today, I made these muffins and was so happy with them. My goal is three to four new weekly recipes, broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a dessert or snack.
  • Photography- I love to take photos. I joke that I am the unofficial family photographer, but it’s something I really love. I want to do it more and try some new things within it. It’s also helpful to have such cute subjects.

The Why

Knowing why I want to do these things is also essential. As much as I love to sometimes just zone out on TV or social media, I know that I work best when I have something to do that fills me up or excites me. Trying new things helps push me outside my comfort zone. I read every day, and I do movement or a workout that I love, so those don’t feel like hobbies but like habits. My daily routines keep me grounded, but I want to try new things to keep me destressed.

Hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague daily living

– Bill Malone

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