Just Write

I am currently reading, “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life” by Anne Lamont to prepare me for the mass amount of writing coming my way. My Chapter 1 exercise is to just start.

WordPress actually has prompts each day and I’m going to use this to “just start.” I often get paralyzed by perfectionism when I write and give up before I start. I could do these in my journal but I want the accountability and also to look back and see the progression.

Here we are. Just start.

What is your favorite type of weather?

It’s hard to really corner what my favorite type of weather is. There are so many days where I think, “Today is my favorite type of weather.” Each day, each location, and even my temperament changes my answer. For instance, today is Sunday. The weather this morning was chilly and perfect for my coffee and journal time. After baking, cleaning, and more coffee, I did some stretching, foam rolling, mobility, and then took my meditation outside because lying in a hammock while the sun shines on you is amazing. It was about 70* and perfect.

If you ask me in the dead of summer after the busiest month of my year, I’d tell you that monsoons up in the cabin are my favorite. I am reading with a glass of wine and doing nothing else while I enjoy the cool weather and sounds of rain hitting the pine trees.

If you ask me in October, I am sick of the Phoenix heat. I long for fall and cooler weather.

My favorite thing about life is sometimes there are a lot of answers and even those answers change. Life is constantly evolving.

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