Daily writing prompt
How has technology changed your job?

This is a timely prompt because as I was having lunch with colleagues yesterday, we were joking about the “technology” we used as new teachers. I constantly had a transparency marker stain on the inside of my right hand and arm. As a young teacher, I was more apt to try new technologies.

This changed during the pandemic, as we all had to become experts at technologies and learning management systems to continue to do our jobs. We became Zoom experts (well, some of us) and learned to work from home, which has completely changed how I do my job.

Every day, I seem to be learning something new for my job technology-wise. The biggest issue is there is almost a saturation of technology. Yesterday, I spent hours on SalesForce, Aventri, and Click Up. However, we will now transition from Click Up to Asana as our task management system.

The most significant change now that I look forward to noticing is how, after 18 years, technology has changed as a learner. Getting my doctoral degree will be vastly different than a master’s for obvious reasons, but mainly because the amount of access I have to learn seems unending. There are so many ways to conduct research and connect with people now.

Thinking about how technology has changed over my working career (over 20 years!) has been an interesting thought experiment. How has it changed for you?

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