Reflecting on March

March came and went with a bang! It’s fun to look back and see what we did and how I was able to live up to my values for the year.


This month was all about joy. The realization that our child is in her last quarter of elementary propelled us to ensure that we are mindful of our time with her. The following 6 years will go fast, and we don’t want to have any regrets. We said yes to everything she asked us to do (within reason). I also found joy in my work. Here is what we did:

  • I presented at the AZ Capitol building for work
  • Went to a Cubs game
  • Took Emma to her first Jimmy Buffett concert!
  • Interviewed for KJZZ on the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Cottonwood for our anniversary
  • Signed up for a Run Disney race at Disneyworld and planned a mommy-daughter trip
  • Attended my first doctoral cohort meeting and was so happy with my decisions
  • We had our niece and nephew over a few days, which was fun!
  • My in-laws have planned a family trip to Maui for the summer.
  • Watching Iowa women play was the absolute highlight of March Madness! I am so proud of the attention they brought to the sport!


We cleaned out our fridge, freezer, and pantry. It seems like a small thing, but being able to clearly see what we have and know that nothing is expired. It helped us make our 5-week meal plan with what we already have. Streamlining our meals has been a substantial cognitive lift.

I also cleaned out my wardrobe. Since the coldest part of the year is over, I could see what I never wore and donate it. Also, those sweatpants with holes had to go too.

The biggest simplifying of the month was simply simplifying my daily routines. (this sentence made me laugh)

Lastly, I deleted social media apps from my phone. This means I need my computer if I want to be on socials. I have been spending less time on my phone, which has freed up much time, so this was an extra step. Additionally, I have been actively unsubscribing to emails, newsletters, and accounts that do not align with my values.


As much as we had fun this month, a few things shook us back to earth. Everyone is ok now, but there were a few health scares. Our dog ended up at the emergency vet, and I attended a memorial service for a former student. There were a few days when it felt like the entire universe was working against us.

We focused on things within our control. I broke a few records on the bike, started a strength program, and decided daily gratitude was a best practice. The weather is nice, so my husband is back out running, and Ollie is getting more walks. Our stability has focused on health, wellness, and our overall environment. This month was full of medical appointments as I prepared for my infusion in April. Managing a chronic illness is a part-time job, but I am grateful for the ability to care for myself.

April’s goals are simple because we are looking at a very full summer, and after my doctoral meeting, I learned that it’s the month to take it slow and easy. I say this, yet we have every weekend planned with fun stuff, including Pat’s Run, a party, a wedding, and a trip to Fullerton with my mom to see family.

Thank you for coming along as I document our year. I realized how much I love writing and how looking back at life can sometimes put it into perspective.

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