New to AP Government or Ready to Review for the AP test? Start here!

I remember starting to teach AP Government after I had taught 8th grade for over 11 years. I was overwhelmed! Luckily, I was able to collaborate and attend lots of great PD. That lead me to start this blog. I wanted to share free resources for teachers.

If you are feeling super overwhelmed, are new to AP Gov, or need some inspiration, I’ve got you!

Top Posts:

Argumentative Writing- Thesis Statements

Quantitative Analysis Writing

Teaching AP Government Resource Round-Up

Required Supreme Court Cases

Foundational Documents

Teaching AP Gov in a Shortened Semester

Unit One Resources

Unit Two Resources President

Unit Two- Congress

The Judiciary

Unit Three Resources

Unit Four Resources

Unit Five Resources

Applied Civics Project

Reviewing for the AP Test

Ideas for After the AP Test

A few tips:

Planning for AP Government is like drinking from a firehose of information. It’s ok to take it slowly and only try a few new things. I didn’t use my textbook. I used podcasts, primary sources, and resources from the Constitution Center.

The CED is your friend. Use it. We often get caught up in wanting to teach EVERYTHING, but let me tell you, the skills are essential. The content, yes, but the skills are critical.

If you get overwhelmed, check out this post.

No matter what, I hope you can find inspiration, lessons, and fun here on this blog.

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