A Reintroduction

Five years ago, I started this blog as an AP government teacher who wanted to share lessons so that other teachers could utilize the knowledge that I could gain at no cost. I am now and forever grateful for all the people who have supported that aspect of my life and the community it has built; however, I’ve noticed that in the last year or so, the blog itself has naturally taken on some changes because my life has changed.

In 2018 this blog was called: Teaching AP Government

In 2020 it change to Liz Evans, NBCT

And now, in 2023? Learning & Living with Liz

Instead of fighting that change, I’ve decided to shift the way I utilize this blog as my creative outlet and start sharing more things that bring me joy, including my family house, projects, cooking, and working on a doctoral degree. I thought about starting a whole new blog but then realized that I had put so much love and work into this one, and since it is mine, I can do what I want with it. So let me re-introduce myself.

Oh hi! I am Liz, a former social studies teacher who taught at public schools for 17 years. I currently work at a state university directing programs for civic education. I am married to Chris, the best person I know, making my life more manageable and fun. We have a daughter who just turned 12 and a golden retriever named Oliver, who is still a puppy but clocks in at 75 pounds. I work at home and in the office, so each day is different. I manage a chronic illness and love learning how to care for myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am an auntie to nine of my favorite people in the world. I love redoing parts of our home, baking, reading, and trying new creative outlets, although I have limited crafting abilities… According to my grandmother, it’s a good thing I’m smart. I love learning about myself and take a ridiculous amount of self-assessments.

Our life is complicated yet fun! My husband started his doctoral studies in August 2022, and I am starting in May 2023. Add to that two full times jobs, parenting a preteen and a puppy, and trying to maintain a social life, and it’s an adventure!

A Very Special Mother's Day Episode with Emma Learning and Living with Liz

In this episode, the tables are slightly turned when my daughter interviews me! We get silly and have lots of fun talking to one another. And as always, check out the blog and connect with me on my socials!InstagramLinked InFacebookPinterest
  1. A Very Special Mother's Day Episode with Emma
  2. Three Questions To Ask Yourself As You Reflect On You Job
  3. Being Communicative with Heather
  4. Dinosaurs with Del with Commentary from Lucy
  5. Starting New Things!

Welcome to our adventure!

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