A Book You Need to Read When You’re in a Creative Rut

Before I dive into my doctoral program, I made it a goal to find a creative space. I had seen Eve Rodsky’s Instagram page and was interested. Now, this year I am trying to not buy books but get them from the library, but something told me to buy this book.

I am so glad I did! I loved how conversational this book was and how practical the advice was. She goes through the process in three parts; Time for a Reset, The Rules of Permission, and Cultivate the Three C’s of Creativity. There were journal prompts, reflection questions, and great quotes to think about.

My biggest aha was when she talked about the FOMM, Fear of Missing Me. Honestly, I am terrified of the time this degree will take and losing myself in it. Reading this book helped me transition this blog and podcast into my creative space. I love writing social studies and education-related stuff, but it was becoming too much of who I was. I worried that transitioning the space would make people lose interest. This book made me realize that it doesn’t matter. It’s my creative space and will reach who it needs to be. It will inspire who it needs to be. My job is to be authentic, not worrying about posting what helps people (recovering people pleaser). Authenticity inspires and helps people. Plus, it’s obvious that transition was happening before I read this book, but the book helped me lean into it and celebrate it.

So, if you find yourself stuck in a rut and need space for creativity, give this book a read!

Happy Reading!

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