April Reflections

April came and went so quickly! I cannot believe we are four months into the year, and summer is upon us. As I started to fill out my May calendar, I realized how fleeting time is.

Here’s how I did living my values this last month:


Looking at my reflection list, I was surprised by how much joy fit into one month. Our daughter turned 12, which is always such a fun day. Being her mom is a joy; watching her grow brings me pride. She had her honors orchestra concert, and we continue to be amazed by her dedication to her bass. It is also a time of lasts. We had our last Donuts with Grownups, and I will really miss her elementary school. It’s been really good to us.

We watched the Iowa Women play in the National Championship, which meant a party with our family to cheer them on. Even though it was not the outcome we wanted, watching and cheering them on was fun. To keep the party train going, we hosted a Master’s Party and had the food to accompany it. My husband and his parents went to the Masters in 2017, and we hope to go at some point. To round out the month, we hosted our niece and nephew for muffins and swimming, which was hilarious. If you haven’t heard the podcast episode with them, I highly suggest it.

On that same note, I rebranded the blog and started the podcast again! It felt good to start creating again and being authentic to where I am now instead of trying to force what it was.

To round out the month, there were a few birthday parties and a lot of pool time! I ended the month with a trip to Yorba Linda, California, with my mom to visit her cousin. We went to the Nixon Library, and I can’t wait to share how cool it was.

Lastly, I was appointed to the Arizona Council for Social Studies Board of Directors!


The biggest part of simplifying my life this month was to do more of less. I prioritized purposeful rest and learned about the seven types of rest people need.

My morning routine is simple, easy, and grounds me each day. I have been taking notice of how I spend my days and being mindful of not filling them up.

Simplifying our dinners has been a huge help. I have noticed our grocery bills reduced, and I have energy and want to make a nice dinner most nights.

I have been participating in the Swedish tradition of Fika each day. Let me tell you, having a sweet treat and a pause around 2pm is fantastic. I HIGHLY suggest doing this to add simplicity or joy to your life.

Fika is better when someone else makes the treat.


This past month, we really focused on health. I had my infusion, so I was very careful with how I treated my body. I finished the Stronger You Program on my Peloton and a 5-day Advanced Strength Program. I felt strong, and the focus on health went further when we did Pat’s Run with our friends! It was our daughter’s first one, and she did so well!

We also took a mental health day because big feelings are a thing, and I’m showing our daughter that it’s important to slow down and sometimes just go have pizza.

I feel settled into our routines and ready to start my doctoral program this month.

May’s goals focus on wellness, learning, and financial goals. There are a lot of ends in May, and I am being mindful of being present for those moments.

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