Tools I Use To Organize My Time

I am writing this on day one of my doctoral program. This is relevant because I was immediately overwhelmed when I logged into Canvas this morning. I am taking 9 credits over the summer while working full-time, being a wife, a mom, and a member of society.

I am lucky to work a hybrid schedule, except when we have events, so I can work at home and organize my day. However, this summer, we have a few events that will take a lot of time, and throw in a week in Maui (I am NOT sad about that); I need to be mindful of my time.

My main goal is to manage my time in a manner that allows me to get tasks completed and have time to relax with my family or spend time alone.

My morning routine is a non-negotiable part of my day. I use my 90-day journal to structure my morning routine to meet my goals for the 90 days.

  • Journal
  • Write out my gratitude
  • Read the daily page from Pivot Year
  • Practice my Spanish
  • Listen to Jay Shetty on Calm
  • Mediate

As part of my daily routine, I plan to check the task management system for personal use (the same one I use for work). I spent a good amount of time today building a task list based on the syllabi and the days I am in person for class. I have a Google account strictly for school; that is where all my bookmarks live.

This view helps me see what I need to do for school. I also use Click Up for work, and I have all tasks shifted to my calendar so I can easily see everything for the week, including meetings, appointments, due tasks, and communications that need to happen. I only look at that view at the beginning of the week to see what is in front of me.

Here are the tools I use:

  • MiGoals 90-Day Progress Journal
  • Click Up
  • Google Calendar

This will be interesting to look back on as I progress through this time in my life. However, as someone who likes to have a plan and start with some sort of system, this is what will work for now. I plan to monitor and adjust as needed.

Here we go!

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