About Liz Evans

Thank you for visiting my page!


I have 17 years of teaching experience and have taught most of the social sciences in a public school setting including; 8th grade {12 years}, AP Government and Politics {5 years}, and dabbled in APUSH, World History, US History, and College Prep Government and Politics.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Development and a Master’s in Secondary Education, History from Northern Arizona University. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher {2009, renewed this year} in Social Studies/History (Early Adolescence).

I have been invited to numerous professional developments including; Mount Vernon Summer Residential Program (I was the first from Arizona to attend!), Street Law Supreme Court Institute at Georgetown Law, Gilder Lehrman Supreme Court History at Stanford Law, Teaching American History Weekends at Montpelier and Monticello, and the Bill of Rights Institute Founder’s Fellowship. I’ve presented at the Arizona Civics Conference, as well as numerous professional developments.

Like most professionals, I am constantly looking to move forward and hope to share with you and learn from you! While this blog is titled for AP Government, there will be other content as it relates to the social sciences, as well as information for the everyday citizen who wants to increase their civic knowledge!

On a personal note, I am married to the love of my life who always happens to be a teacher and the Arizona 2018 James Madison Fellow. Between us, we’ve taught everything social studies related and love to discuss it all. We have one daughter who is obsessed with Hamilton and Ancient Egypt. We love to travel, read, and rewatch the Office and Parks and Rec.