Three Lessons I’ve learned

I have learned a lot of lessons in my decades of life. It’s often said that you wish you knew then what you know now, but when I look back, I’ve enjoyed the journey. It hasn’t always been a happy journey, but it’s brought me to where I am now. Here are the top lessons I have learned.

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Traditions I love as an Educator

Having traditions is fun and a place that can often ground you when things feel scattered. Whether they are holiday traditions or something you do on a particular day every year, traditions are a fun way to find joy in life. Here are a few of my favorite traditions: Taking senior ditch day off: If […]

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My Morning Menu

I briefly discussed my morning menu in this post, but I wanted to take the opportunity to expand on it. It’s been something that has helped me stay consistent with my goals and deal with failure. Takings steps toward a goal when you have a setback sometimes is difficult, but having something to focus on […]

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