Memorial Day Lesson/Project Ideas

Most teachers in the social sciences discuss the wars that America has been a part of. It’s also important to discuss the people and places. Here in Arizona, we often remember Pat Tillman, a NFL player who left to enlist in the Army after the 9/11 attacks. Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan and is […]

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Engaging Final Exams

As a student, I was not too fond of multiple-choice final exams. It seemed that what I studied was never on the test, and the fact that it could change my grade up to 20% felt impossible. As a teacher, I hated the district-mandated final exams. I hated meeting to create them, fighting over what […]

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Constitution Day Resources Round-Up

Hello Constitution Day! Now, in teaching AP Government or APUSH or really any other social studies class, this isn’t the only day you talk about the Constitution. For me, it was always a fun day to celebrate this document, look at what it has accomplished, and what still needs to be accomplished. The document itself […]

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