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Civic Educator︱ Cognitive Coach︱National Board Certified Teacher ︱Lifelong Learner

I am happy you are here, whether it’s for a blog post to help you plan, a podcast to learn from, or to connect! I have been in the civics educational space for over two decades and am an active teacher leader in the state of Arizona.

My hope is that you find inspiration here to feel confident in your teaching with resources for social studies, pedagogy, and creating balances that allow you as an educator to be better for yourself and your students.

As an educator and teacher leader for over two decades, my main goal is to partner with educators to be part of the solution in education by elevating teacher leaders and creating opportunities for student success.

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{Series} Week Four and Five: Reflections Teaching History, Politics, and Stuff

This experiment has been interesting, to say the least. It’s difficult often to look at what you are doing and commit to making changes. We often get comfortable with the habits we create and don’t realize how they are actually not setting us up for success.Make sure to check out the other episodes in this series! Related Post:  https://lizevansnbct.com/2022/05/18/reflections/
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